Life Is An Artform by JD Valerio 

Here is another track from the unreleased ablum, Life Is An Artform by JD Valerio. The track was recorded live and features JD Valerio on guitar and vocals and a guest performance by Brian Souders on Harmonica. 

This song is about living out your dreams and recognizing the art of life. 

Marty Taters CD Release Party 

Sacramento local, Marty Taters is a big supporter of local music. He is always putting on local shows and benefit concerts. He has invited JD Valerio and other Sacramento musicians to participate in his CD Release Party. It is going to be on March 24th at Old Ironsides. $10 in advance, $12 at door. BBQ dinner included. Doors open at 7pm and the event will go on into the night. It is going to be FUN!

Messing around  whipped this free flow out on my phone. What a fun toy. It's silly, and off the cuff. But I kinda like it???

Oak Park Farmers Market - Sacramento 

Well, it is that time of the year again. The Oak Park Farmers Market in Sacramento! This is one of my favorite events to play at. There is a lot of stuff for kids to do (crafts, music, games). The vendors are mostly made up of local farmers and businesses. It is a great event for a date or to take the family.

I will be playing there on July 8th from 10am - 11:15am. Hope to see my Sacramento friends there!

Update for June 11 Performance 

Happy Friday! Just thought I would pop in with an update on Sunday's performance. I'm doing three songs. So are 13 other Sacramento musicians! It goes 4-830pm. $10 is the cover and dinner is included! I will go on around 5:55pm they say, but if you want to hear me, I suggest coming at 5 or so. Or, better yet, stay for the whole event and enjoy hearing other locals play!   Ok...commercial over


JUNE 11TH JD VALERIO WILL BE PLAYING AT OLD IRONSIDES. The cost is $10 (dinner included). This is a songwriter showcase with 12 performers: The Cheap Bastards Club, The Marty Swingle Band, Mike James, Sal Valentino, George Jenkins, The Remainders, Les Haber, Ray Ray, Dan Gannon, Amber,Jake Wolf and JD Valerio!



Happy Mothers Day Mom 

One of the coolest moments I ever had on tour was about 7 years ago in Las Vegas. My mom sang with me. Happy Mothers Day Mom!

Changes by Mr.and Mrs. Valerio 

My wife and I wrote this song, CHANGES this weekend. She streamed the words in one take! We call that a "download". I only added six words to the end. I'm proud of Christa for coming up with these lyrics, they are heartfelt.