canceled in roseville -almond tree

There will be no shows at the Almond Tree in Roseville this month. Sorry for the last minute notice.

Eric and I were slated to play there again tonight, but they had to cancel last minute :(. 


Music in Roseville California

Tonight I am playing at a little bar here in Roseville with my drummer friend, Eric. We will be playing for 60 minutes tonight. We start at 8:30pm. Free.

Almond Tree Lounge
214 Harding Blvd  Roseville, CA 95678…


We hold these truths...




50 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I have a dream” speech. His eloquent mantra of equality captured in the phrase, “let freedom ring” has rung through the decades inspiring further progress towards the goal of true equality…


line up for August 10th.

When I was on tour in the summer of 2010 I listened to the album, "Sorry", by Odame about 15 times. Josh, the mastermind for the band that now is called Odame Sucks, is a master guitarist with lyrics that …


I just walk by a really nice truck. I peered in through the passenger window and it was empty. Then suddenly,VRROOM!! it turned on! I thought, holy shnyykees, i just turned on a truck with my mind. Scared the crap …

oak park farmers market

This Saturday, July 6th I will do an hour set at the Oak Park Farmers Market at

35th St & 5th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95817.

I play between 10-11am. There will be other performers after me until 1pm.

Support local…



Howdy folks. I am doing a 3 hour set this weekend at the Pour House on 19th and Q street this Saturday, June 22nd 2013. This is a free show. Starts at 10pm and goes til 1am. It will only…


whats up in june and july part 2 for sacramento

My friend Jenn Rogar put together a fundraiser to be held at Luna's Cafe in Sacramento. The cafe is at 1414 16th Street. The fundraiser is for Safeground, some of you may remember the green Safeground T-shirt I wore a…



Well, life is hectic here in 100+ degree weather in Sacramento. My brothers band Riotmaker is making a big dent in the scene here and I am happy for them. Gorgeous George is no longer together, but all of us…


Learn songwriting and basic guitar in Sacramento I am teaching songwriting and basic guitar in June at the Learning Exchange in Sacramento. It will be fun!