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50 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I have a dream” speech. His eloquent mantra of equality captured in the phrase, “let freedom ring” has rung through the decades inspiring further progress towards the goal of true equality. We still have far to go. My hope is that one day that the divides that we’ve developed as a human race will be completely destroyed. What can we do? We can make relationships with folks different than us. We can stand up for what’s right at work, in the family and in the church. In our heart is where all good things begin.

Four years ago, I sang in a little coffee shop in Minneapolis, MN. The entire show was recorded. My friend, Jennifer Levenhaggen played violin while I sang and played guitar. This song, Across Divides is one of my songs that I wrote in hopes to build on the dream of Dr. King’s speech given half a century ago. The photos in the video are from my travels to Egypt, Brazil and other places. The pictures are me messing around J. I’ve also included a link to the song, Gold, which my wife and I wrote. It is along the same lines.  Enjoy and celebrate diversity.

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