I just walk by a really nice truck. I peered in through the passenger window and it was empty. Then suddenly,VRROOM!! it turned on! I thought, holy shnyykees, i just turned on a truck with my mind. Scared the crap out of me :). Then a guy walks out of a nearby office building to his truck. I said, "scared me man", he said "oh sorry dude, just cooling off my car before i get in". When I used to drive kids to Timber Bay Camp in Minesota, we used the auto starter to warm up the van before we all piled in. That was a nice feature. If i were selling cars with auto starters during last week's heat wave, I would have been a broken record saying, "and on a day like today, you can cool off your car before you get in...no more burning your hands on the wheel!" Happy Friday everyone. Stay Cool. Vrroom!

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