Recap of Final Gorgeous George Show

The last Gorgeous George show on Friday April 26th 2013 at Old Ironsides in Sacramento, CA was great. It was my birthday to boot! Denver J Band included Dare (guitar) and Matt (drums) from Gorgeous George so they had to work over time ;) but they pulled it off with flying colors.

We recorded the Gorgeous George set and I hope we get the copies soon so I can share with you the music we've been making for over a year. Mike, a local painter painted all the bands while we performed. The paintings were funky, abstract and cool - which is a great fit for the bands that were playing.

Justin from The Three Way,- a local band of Sacramento, joined me for an impromptu rendition of "life is an art form" soon to come out on my next studio album, recorded at Sky-Recordings.

Our set was cut short, so we didn't get to play Tombstone, Fire, or Coming Home. That was a bummer, but I am sure that if my former band mates want to, we will record them for memory lane.

My little brother, Jeffry's band did quite well and sold some of their full-length CD's. I know all of their lyrics by heart so I was singing along while standing up with my true companion. Christa is a big supporter of local music, and is a super fan of my songs. It is nice to have a wife that enjoys supporting my passion.

The next chapter of me is business development again. These past three years as a full-time/part-time musician have been great. I am not leaving the music scene at all, but need to carve out the number of late night shows I do to support my aspirations in the business world.

In my 2009, full length album "Hot Apple Cider" I sang a song called humdrum. One of the lines said "just give me a break from suits and ties." Well, God answered that plea and I had a good run, a 3.5 month national tour and made a lot of new friends and fans in music. Now, as I gear up to release my next record I am noticing that my newer songs are focused more on faith, love, and optimism. Sometimes, I think there is a master puppeteer writing songs through me, I kid you not, sometimes songs just fall out of my mouth.

So 2013 has been a season of change. I got married, I transitioned in vocation, and now I am on the brink of going back into doing what I love, helping businesses thrive.

So please stay posted. There will be a lot of new songs, videos, and stories coming your way.



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