House of Cards by JD Valerio

Recently, a few months ago, I was recording at with my friend Adrian. I came into the studio and said Adrian, "I feel like I have a song but I have no clue what it is, but something tells me to turn on the mic and guitar and record." In one take, this very take, this song fell out of my mouth. The back story is very personal, but I will say this, sometimes where you work or what you are doing might seem right, but deep down in the core of who you are you know what to do and you know you need a change. Although the last few years have been full of love, learning and lots and lots of music, at some level my life was still built on a house of cards. I am not saying it is all better, but it is a lot better now. I wrote this song in early December 2012. We just turned on the mic and this is what came out. Then I added keyboards in 2 takes. Adrian and I have been on a long journey making the new record. I like his style, his friendship, and his ear for good music. He DJ'd my wedding for free. I feel like I owe him a lot. So thank you Adrian, I can't wait until the CD release, and I hope your client base at Sky-Recordings in Sacramento builds. As a testimony, I am one happy camper!

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