JD Valerio is a singer-songwriter with a body of work that comprises over 2000 original, acoustic guitar-driven songs. His casual and unpretentious stage presence invites listeners to feel like they are part of the show, creating a genuine and “down to earth” good time. Valerio, a native of Carson City, Nevada, recently relocated to Sacramento from Minneapolis, where he played shows for 15 years and packed such venues as the Blue Nile, Dunn Brothers, 318 café, Corner Coffee, and the EP (Elliot Park) Atelier. In 2009, Valerio quit his job in business development to focus on his growing music career. In May of 2010 he loaded up his car and embarked on a four month tour across the United States spanning from California to New York, writing songs and telling stories all along the way. By making the rounds at venues around Northern California such as Old Ironsides, the Fox and Goose, The Brainwash Café, Mission City Coffee, The Torch Club and the Club Car, Valerio’s momentum in California is quickly catching up to his loyal following back in the Midwest. In November 2009, Valerio released his second full-length album, Hot Apple Cider, a 14-track CD named for the album’s wintery theme. The songs cover a variety of topics – living life to the fullest, taking chances, love, urban life, even Halloween. The album begins with a folk-rock tune, “Egypt,” and concludes with the mantra-like song “I Am,” whose lyrics inspire living in the moment. The CD is available at www.cdbaby.com/Valerio2 THE MUSIC JD Valerio is a singer-songwriter along the lines of David Gray, David Wilcox, Jack Johnson, Stuart Davis and Peter Mayer, with dashes of rock and folk mixed in. Valerio often plays a solo show but, on occasion, will collaborate with a network of drummers, bass players, violinists and other musicians that add extra flavor. Most of the songs performed are from his extensive pool of originals; he’s also been known to play the occasional covers from the modern-rock canon and elsewhere.