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JD Valerio: Journal/News

Black Widow - First Complete Song From Road - June 1, 2010

When I was in Portland I had a marathon jam session with my new friend, Jesse Faxon-Mills. During that session I ended up writting 5 rough drafts for five different songs. We were up until about 4am. This song, Black Widow was one of those five rough drafts.

A few days later, I finished the tune and jammed with Rick Riehle in Seattle. Rick is a great musician and owns Pangea. Check out his site, They have great coffee!

Here are the lyrics:
Black Widow – written may 27, 2010 by JD Valerio
Spider spider, spin your web on me. I am ready to be devoured.
I hope that I taste so sweet to you, cuz for so damn long I’ve felt so sour.
Here I stand alone. Rise and walk towards to you.
I don’t fear your poison; I don’t fear your poison in my life.
Kiss me with your poison.
Black Widow, I don’t fear your poison.
Kiss my mouth, punch me out.
Spider spider, spin your web on me. I am ready to be devoured.
I hope that I taste so sweet to you, cuz for so damn long I’ve felt so sour.
Here I stand alone. Rise and walk towards to you.
I don’t fear your poison.
Kiss me with your poison, Black Widow.

Sorry Officer - Just a little family fun - May 31, 2010

One of the highlights of this trip has been seeing family. My cousins Wendy, Noah and Delilah live in the Seattle area and for the past few days we’ve been catching up on life. As fate would have it, another cousin of ours, Adam Pateman who is originally from Canada and is now living in New York was in the area yesterday. We had a little family reunion. Adam ( did some party balloon tricks for us and we had some good laughs. Here are a few videos:

Jade Lounge May 26, 2010 - May 26, 2010

Sometimes playing in a new town is tricky. It is hard to get people out to the show if you haven’t played there before. For my show at the Jade Lounge in Portland, OR one thing that helped was teaming up with local, Mitch Sumner. Mitch is an excellent musician specializing in experimental acoustic music. His voice could have been on a Beatles record. Here are a few clips from the Jade Lounge.

Thirsty Lion - May 25, 2010

The Thirsty Lion in Portland, OR has a great singer-songwriter showcase hosted by Eric John Kaiser. Here are some videos from the 5 act line up last week.
Eric john Kaiser
Mark Wade
Joe Foster
Jesse Faxon-Mills
JD Valerio

The Farm - May 24, 2010

My friend Justin in Sacramento hooked me up with a place to stay on his parent’s farm in Canby, OR. Canby is about 30 minutes from Portland where I played two shows, hung out at the farmers market, and met some really cool people.
I got to eat some fresh farm food and pitch in with the garden, herding cattle, mending fences, and other farm chores. Boo is a calf, and I had fun watching him run around. Note: I will put more pictures and videos up at facebook.

The vegan question: I was a Vegan for about 8 years. I still buy vegan food and support good farming practices. When I am done with this tour I might go back to a vegan diet. But I got to tell you - those farm eggs and cheese were yummy!

It's a Laundromat, Cafe, and Music Venue - May 24, 2010

Playing at the BrainWash was cool. Jon Schickman and Tracy Shaun played too. I have some video and will try to upload it to YouTube later.

The BrainWash is a cafe on Folsom Street in San Francisco. Musicians play for tips, food, and free laundry services! The stage is the size of a coffee table (smaller than the stage at Dunn Brothers in St. Paul for those of you that have been there).

Greycloud, the photographer that took some of the photos for my latest CD showed up! So good to see him.

Anyway, if you are a musician reading this consider the BrainWash for the experience. The patrons are cool and you can earn enough tips to fill a tank.

Here is what it looks like:

The Car - May 24, 2010

Last night after playing at Tease in Ashland, OR I drove up into the hills, pulled my car over and slept in it. I had converted it into a sleeper car by taking out the passanger and rear seats (they are in storage back in Sacramento). I threw my sleeping pad and sleeping bag down and tried to sleep. Since it was my first time I had some insomnia. Are the cops going to find me? Is this legal? As the night went on I found solice staring into the stars and trees and dreaming of the days ahead.

A few nights before I played at Johnny B's. A really nice guy named Jay gave me a place to sleep. He showed me some of his artwork that few get to see, it was awesome.

Next stop tonight is Ashland, OR again. I'll be playing at Liquid Assets. There is a local mandolin player that I met at a pub last night. He might come down and jam on a few tunes. Hopefully I'll get some video of that.

Eric owns a local music store in Medford, he is also a great songwriter and guitarist. We played together on stage, including a cover of "Country Roads". Johnny B, the bar owner, played the standup bass. Unfortunately I think I wiped out all of the video, but if I can recover it I'll post a clip here. Here is a clip of Eric singing:

Fire and Life is an Artform - May 15, 2010

Santa Clara Show - May 15, 2010

I've been staying in Morgan Hill the past couple of days. It is so beautiful. The weather is perfect and the company rocks. My friends Scott and Kristen gave me an air bed. They also brought friends and a live dancer to the show at Mission City Coffee.

To the acoustic musicians out there, Mission City Coffee Rocks!!! Their sound system is excellent and their sound guy, Matthew is on the ball. The pizza is good too.

here are a couple of clips.

JD Valerio, Doug Cash, Justin Davis - More Fire - May 13, 2010

Two nights in a row got to sing with my friends Doug and Justin. Was so much fun.
Today I drive to Morgan Hill, CA to crash with my friend Scott and his family. I haven't seen Scott in ages so I'm stoked.

Today mom bought me breakfast today. An omlet! So good. I also got some new shirts and a tip box for the road!!

I am listening to a rocking CD by Odame that I got last night. It gets released later this summer. you can check out their stuff at

I heard them last night at Old Ironsides in Sacramento. Spectacular. I have an Odame sticker on my guitar case and will be singing their praises for ever.

One Last Dance - May 12, 2010

Today me and my 5 year old niece danced. It was so sweet. I am going to miss her and the rest of the family this summer.

Last night I played a featured set at Marylyn's on K in sacramento. I had a ton of fun. John Malcolm played some harmonica on "Live Your Life" and I closed the set with "Fire". Doug Cash and Justin Davis sang on "Fire" and the three part harmonies were electrifying. When we were done singing we wanted to keep going. Talk about being pumped up!

Live Your Life Tour Update - May 9, 2010

Live Your Life Tour Update

Hi there. This week I launch the “Live Your Life” tour. I have 31 shows booked so far and counting. The goal is 60 shows between now and August.

I’ll send out calendar dates periodically via email. If you’d like to stay more connected, please stop by and leave a guestbook comment, see the calendar, watch videos, read news/journal etc. At the very bottom of this email are links JD Valerio Music on Twitter, MySpace and Facebook.

I can also be found on iTunes and most digital media outlets my newest CD is at

Below is the itinerary for the next few weeks, spread the word to your friends in these towns! This list will includes California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Idaho.

Well, have a great summer. Hope to see you on the road!

New song, “Life is an Artform”:
List of shows for the next few weeks:
Tuesday, May 11th, 2010
Sacramento Singer Songwriters
Sacramento Singer Songwriters - 5:30
908 K Street
Sacramento CA 95818
Price: Free
open mic starts at 5:30. JD will do a feature set at 8pm.
Friday, May 14th, 2010
Mission City Coffee Roasting Co.
2221 The Almeda
Santa Clara CA 95050
Price: $3
G.Fragamino will be doing a set as well! Here is a video of us playing together a couple of weeks ago on one of his tunes: Sunday, May 16th, 2010
BrainWash Cafe
1122 Folsom Street
San Francisco CA 94103
(415) 861-3663
Price: 0
Thursday, May 20th, 2010
Downtown Eatery
1344 Market Street
Redding CA 96001-0610
(530) 243-4731
Price: $5
Friday, May 21st, 2010
Private Party
Private Party
MT. Shasta CA
Price: 0
The host of this party said I can bring a few friends, so if you are in the area come on down. This is actually a really good friend of mine and we used to be in a band together. In fact he'll be playing tunes too. That is all I can say but if you want to get on the list and get directions let me know.
Saturday, May 22nd, 2010
Johnny B's
35 South Bartlett Street
Medford OR 97501-7215
USA Price: 5
Medford, OR
Sunday, May 23rd, 2010
303 East Main
Ashland OR 7520
541 488 1458
Price: $3
Monday, May 24th, 2010
Liquid Assets Wine Bar
96 North Main Street
Ashland OR 97520
Price: 0
Tuesday, May 25th, 2010
71 Southwest 2nd Ave
Portland OR 97204
Price: 0
JD has a featured slot at Thirsty Lion Pub's longstanding Singer Songwriter Showcase
Wednesday, May 26th, 2010
The Jade Lounge
7:30PM - 9:30PM
2342 Southeast Ankeny Street
Portland OR 97214
(503) 236-4998
Price: $0
Friday, May 28th, 2010
Northtown Coffeehouse
28 North First Street
Yakima WA 98901
Price: $0
Tuesday, June 1st, 2010
The Can Can
94 Pike St.
Seattle WA 95101
Playing with Vince Mira
Thursday, June 3rd, 2010
The Mandolin Cafe
3923 South 12th Street
Tacoma WA 98405-1508
(253) 761-3482
Price: 0
Friday, June 4th, 2010
Dannen's Delicatessen
8049 Wayne Blvd
Hayden ID 83835
Price: 0
Saturday, June 5th, 2010
Zoo Town Brew
121 West Broadway Street
Misousla MT 59802-4217
(406) 543-2549
Price: $3
JD Valerio and Michael Boise. 7-9pm
Sunday, June 6th, 2010
Crusty's Pizza
214 Lenora St
McCall ID 83638
Price: 0
Great food - great time.


good people - May 6, 2010

Thanks to all the good people out there.

I am thankful to my friends that have helped out along the way as I've been planning the music tour:
Leslie M. - making flyers for the tour
Scott D. - new promo photos
Mike - recording all those YouTube Videos and offering to help move

Friends and family who are helping to connect with venues and places to stay (The couches and futons save $$).

Brother Dan and Melisa - advice, song collaboration, venue networking.

The list goes on. It just never ceases to amaze me how cool community is.

And many of these friends I met at Open Mics in Sacramento this year. If you live in Sacramento area I highly suggest going to these open mics:
Monday: Fox and Goose 8-12pm
Tuesday: Marilyns 5:30-8ish
Wednesday: Torch Club 5:30-8 then hit up the double feature at Old Ironsides from 8-12pm.

There is also another great Open Mic at Pangea on Wednesdays from 7-10 (There is a toast to life that happens at 9pm)

On Thursday's you can go to Coffee Garden in Sacramento, or The Club Car in Auburn, or the Cosmic Cafe in Placerville. Every open mic is different so try a few.

Getting Ready - May 6, 2010

I’m “supposed” to be packing my stuff so I can ship out on the music tour next week. Last night I went to bed at about 2:30am after creating music all day and all night. This evening, I had a pasta dinner with my friends John, Les, Charlie and Ashleigh, followed by hours of jamming and sharing songs.
Family, friends, and music come before packing. Besides, I’ll get it done on time.
2010 has been a lot of fun so far, this year I’ve had the pleasure of doing shows in the Sacramento and surrounding area with David Barton, Kyle Williams, Erik James, Brother Dan, Sandra Dolores, Earl Brooks, Justin Davis, Devin Farren, Justin Farren, Sam McCleod, G.Fragamino, and bands such as Thaw Jack Frost The Happy Medium . I’ll miss the community here, but I am also looking forward to meeting all the other wonderful musicians that I’ll encounter over the next few months.
The adventure will unravel as it will.
Here is a video of my friend G.Fragamino playing “Why are You Crying” yesterday at Marilyn’s on K in Sacramento. I got to do a little back up which was a treat:

Birthday and a New Song from Valerio - April 26, 2010

Today is my 35th birthday. Last night I celebrated with friends and family by doing a birthday show at the Naked Lounge in Sacramento. My delight and treasure was to see my three nieces ages 1,4, and 5 dance and twirl around the room. There was something heart warming about singing in front of my Dad on my birthday and then glancing around the room to make contact with my brothers, my mom, my sister, and new friends in Sacramento. I love music. I think I was born for it. I think we all were actually. Anyway, enough rambling. Here are a couple of videos from last night. the first one is my newest song, "Life is an Artform"
and here is Fallen Angels with my friend Jusin Davis on vocals and Earl Brooks on the slide guitar

Three Videos - "New", "Fallen Angels", "Light It Up" - April 1, 2010

On Tuesday I went to Marylin's for their open mic. Earl Brooks, plays steel and agreed to an impromptu performance with me on two songs. We had never played together before so it was fun making it up as we went.

Fallen Angels -
New -
Light It Up -

Wanna help with JD Valerio's Road Trip - From CA to NY and back? - March 23, 2010

Hey Folks,

Currently I am booking shows for my road trip May 14-August 12. I'll be camping, couch surfing, and car sleeping along the way. At the bottom of this blog I've posted a rough draft of my itinerary along with potential places to play. I have 18 shows booked so far and am aiming for a min of 30 - but hopefully more like 50. If you know of anyone that books shows in these states feel free to pass my info along.

Here are some links that provide an introduction to the music, show calendar, live performance videos, and bio (share, share, share!).
Music Samples: Show Calendar: Bio: Sample Clips From CD:
Live Performance Videos taken in 2010 (thanks to Mike M.!):
Fourplex: Deep End: Inside The Artist: Fire: Pirates: Live Your Life:
Once shows are booked, I'll add them to my social media server, website and set up a press release. I'll also send flyers to the venue prior to the event.

Thanks for your help on this adventure,
JD Valerio

St. Patrick's Day - March 18, 2010

Yesterday was the best St. Patty’s I’ve had. Makes me want to add an “O” to my name – JD O’Valerio! From 1-3pm I played at the Residence INN in Sacramento. I was curious how the whole folk-rock set would resonate with the St. Patty’s crowd, but it worked! I busted out some U2, John Denver, George Michael, Guns N Roses, Morrissey, Smashing Pumpkins, and Cold Play which was a refreshing break from my normal routine. I have no intentions of becoming a cover artist, but it was fun to shake it up. I’ve been on a permanent high from 1pm yesterday until right now, much of that due to being able to sing my guts out for a fun crowd.
After my set, I listened to a set from the band Thaw Jack Frost and those guys knocked it out of the park! Chris Twomey and Dan Rau had great harmonies and sang with soul. They sax player, Adam, added perfect flavor to the whole thing. And Lucas – well just keep on hitting those drums man, never stop (he did a solo later that night at O’Malley’s which was a blast of life). After that, it was on to the Torch Club for the St. Patty’s open mic and I honestly believe it was the highest quality open mic that I’ve attended since moving to Sac in December. So much fun to share the stage with Ukulele Rob, Dusty, Andrew, Doug Cash, Brother Dan, Sandra Dalores, Justin Davis, Les Haber and John Malcom. Every musician brought their “A Game” last night and it was magic. After that I had an impromptu jam session with Justin Davis and Sandra Dalores at my place after stopping for sushi.
The night finished off with another round of Thaw Jack Frost at O’Malley’s in Old Sac – and I got my boogie on with friends (some who told me not to let anyone know that they can shake it. . .heh heh.)
Anyway, here is a short list of the ingredients of an inspiring and fun day – like yesterday:
Beautiful people, smiling people, great music, a splash of serious, a dash of silly, and beer. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Water and Fire - March 5, 2010

Recently one of my friends pointed out that I use the word "fire" a lot in my music. She actually counted 37 uses of the word fire during a one our set. For that matter, the word "water" gets into a lot of my songs somehow. So I purposely omitted the words Fire and Water from the latest song I wrote on Monday. However, I still used terms having to do with Water like submerge, boat, etc.

Maybe when I go on tour(May-July), I'll find a new word fixation. 'on the road again, i just can't wait to get back on the road again"

Corrections - March 4, 2010

Well, I'm bound to slip up from time to time. I have a show this Saturday at Luna's Cafe in Sacramento. There is no cover and music starts at 6pm (I had said a different time earlier).

Thanks to those who showed your support yesterday during my feature slot at Old Ironsides. Other than my CD release party, I broke a record on CD sales - 9 in one day! Yeah - grocery money!

Deep End - March 3, 2010

Here is a video of my new song "Deep End"
when love comes knocking on my door i can't bring myself to answer. cuz i can't take another broken heart. so i'll leave love knocking in the dark.

last night we stared just a little too long. and i swear that a kiss would have been far too strong. cuz i'm afraid of falling deep again. so i'm staying in the shallow end.

no more drowning in the deep end baby. i'ts over my head.
no more drowning in the deep end baby.
you're over my head.

New song video - February 22, 2010

This one is called "light it up"

Video Links from Friday's show at Naked Coffee - February 21, 2010

couple linkes to videos from the torch club - February 19, 2010

Both of these songs are brand new.

"Set The Night On Fire" -
"Shine On"

no amp - February 19, 2010

Tonight I went to an open mic at The Coffee Garden because I'm doing a show there next week, and thought it would be a good idea to connect with the local musicians that hang out at the coffee house. Unlike most places, there was no sound system. The musicians just pulled out their guitars, and sang their guts out. No reverb. No effects. No amplification. Aside from the occasional espresso machine gurgle, there was little background noise to compete with. There were only a few of us there singing (5 or so). We had fun. I especially liked hearing the young college/high school kids. They have so much passion in their songs (everyone played original material). Everywhere I play, I meet interesting people. I enjoy hearing other musicians play original tunes, I feel like I know a musician better after hearing them play. Even if the songs are fictional or without lyrics, a piece of who they are is still imprinted in the tune.
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