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JD Valerio: Journal/News

Acoustic Music, West Sacramento, Sunday Morning. - December 5, 2012

I played at Center for Spiritual Awareness again with the New Thought house band. It is uplifting to play these songs in such a positive environment. CSA is among the most open minded spiritual communities I've experienced.

Here is Live Your Life and Gold played at CSA:


Hi there friends,
JD here just to let you know that this Friday Nov. 29th I will be playing on the Delta King in Sacramento from 8-11pm. I will be playing in the bar. Three hours of original music, a couple of Christmas songs, and a few covers. It is located right off the Boardwalk in Old Sacramento on the River. That area is flooded with restaurants and things to do. Did somebody say “date night”?

On December 30th Gorgeous George, the band I am in, is doing a post holiday New Years Eve Eve show at the Pinecove. The Pinecove is where we all met as a band. Matt Remenar our drummer now hosts the open mic on Tuesdays so once in a while we go jam on Tuesday nights. If you were there for Lynnae Vana’s birthday party this month you know how fun Tuesday nights can be :).

These shows are all in Sacramento. I am planning another trip to Minneapolis when my new CD is done. It looks like the penciled date for release is Feb. 16th.
Visit : Visit:
And here is a video for your listening pleasure. I have hundreds of videos playing in dive bars across the country on my YouTube channel. Here are two songs I wrote and sang at church with the New Thought band at Center For Spiritual Awareness. Both of these songs, “Light it up” and “Angel” will be on my personal CD as well as the Gorgeous George album both released in 2013. Angel was written with Dare, Matt, Lynnae and Robert of Gorgeous George, I wrote Light it Up in 2010 prior to the Live Your Life Tour:

Gold- by JD Valerio and Christa Brockman - November 13, 2012

Once in a while, songs write themselves. This one was tricky. The original idea came together in a "freeflow" when I was singing to Christa. I was just singing whatever words fell through my mouth. Christa and I started humming the melody to "Gold" around the house. We were taking a class together that had a lot to do with the ideas in the song. It finally all came together after she jotted down some lyrics that helped me shape the end of the song. This is the first song I have completed with her. Gee I hope there are more, I am really happy with this one.

Here is a studio take that I am currently working on. It will sound different in the end but you will get the idea.

If you would like to hear me sing this song live and you live in Sacramento, come to church. I go to an inter-faith church in West Sacramento called Center for Spiritual Awareness, also known as CSA. I will play at both services. It is located at 1275 Starboard Drive in West Sacramento 95691.

Here is the song!

Halloween by JD Valerio - October 31, 2012

One of the best songs with a Halloween theme in it is called Halloween. I sold out of the album it was on, "Hot Apple Cider", but it is still available digitally on iTunes or here: Anyway, my friend Mike likes to record live artists in the Sacramento area. Here is a recording he did of the Halloween song at Marilyn's on K.

Tonight is a special Halloween night. I get to spend it with my wife to be, Christa and her lovely daughter, Tatum . . . but we have to call her Alice today.

Runnin For Rhett - October 25, 2012
Gorgeous George is an acoustic jam rock band in Sacramento CA. We are playing for a race this weekend (oct 28th). Check out the details at

Have a good 1.

Holly Near - October 12, 2012

HAPPY FRIDAY! Just popping in to let you know that it isn't too late.

CSA Event Center still have tickets available for the Holly Near
Concert. The show starts tonight at 7:30pm. Call 916-374-9177 or visit Call by 4pm to get your tickets $5 off. I am
not playing tonight. I do have a show on Sunday, visit for details.

Some cool things about the show:

FREE CHILDCARE available with reservation.

The concert will be signed for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. If you are new to
Holly Near here is a little info:

Holly Near is a unique combination of entertainer,
teacher, and activist. An immense vocal talent, Near’s career as a
singer has been defined by an unwillingness to separate her passion
for music from her passion for human dignity. Visit for more info.

Have a great weekend!
JD Valerio

egypt - October 10, 2012

Well. I was just thinking about when I went to Egypt. It was a great experience. Shortly after I went there in 2009 I wrote down a song to capture it all. I used to play at this coffee house in Minneapolis and they would give me recordings off the board. So here is an audio recording of the live show set to some pics. Enjoy!

Live Your Life And Listen to The Music - October 5, 2012

My tour in 2010 was magic. I jammed with people in Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia, New Jersey, and Illinois. My job for three and a half months was to do my passion, play music. I was "living my life.".

Today I am still playing music. I still do solo performances around Northern California. I am in a band, Gorgeous George, so I don't feel like a lone ranger. I sing to homeless people. I sing to teenagers every week. Music is just an expression. The true music is inside. Everything we do and see is part of the symphony. Our breath, our heart beat, the sound of the air conditioner, our laughter, traffic jams, our relationships, our love life, pain, sorrow, joy, and our actions. Music ties us together. A song is a reflection, it's very pace in step with the mood of the writer on that particular day. . .

PS. If you have never seen August Rush, shut your computer off immediately and drive to your nearest video store, red box, or Netflix. Trailer:

The City's Got a Rhythm - October 2, 2012

Fall, my favorite season. Colors change, atmosphere shifts, pace goes down. Fall to me is a different slice of heaven from any of the other seasons. I remember thinking so carefully about my Halloween costumes as a kid. I was a magician, a convict, a vampire, and a big “generic” can of vegetables. A thirty minute drive up to Apple Hill California, took me away to Carmel Apple Paradise, filled with sights sounds and activities that made going home a somber event.

Now as a man, I think of my history within this season of Fall. I like to write a lot of songs about change during this season. I finished a song yesterday along those lines; I can’t wait to share it. But for now I am going back in time. This is from one of my favorite towns, St. Paul, MN. I used to play at this little coffee house six times a year for 20 bucks and a pound of coffee. In 2010 I went back there for a show. My friend TJ Strobel who recorded and engineered my Hot Apple Cider Record accompanied me while I was touring through the area.

Although the song is about my fourplex in Minneapolis, MN, I don’t think it stops there. Inspiration from the arts is everywhere. Like an omnipresent ghost ready to haunt our souls awake.

Across Divides - Live from a coffee shop - September 26, 2012

The music is JD Valerio (guitar, vocals) and Jennifer Levenhagen (violin). The pictures are of various things, mainly my trips overseas. Enjoy!

Droid Recorded as Sky-Recordings - hello pop world! - August 27, 2012

Adrian is an awesome person to work with. He owns Sky-Reordings and I can always count on him to make me sound cool. Check out this track of Droid that we are working on! If you need a hook up at a good studio, let me know!

Droid - August 21, 2012

I wrote this on my 3.5 month tour in 2010. This version is the original version, but the song has morphed into a pop rock number. I guess at some point a folk singer needs to stretch thier wings :). Anywho, droid is a science fiction love song about a robot from another planet who comes to earth for a girl named Janet. But, alas the poor little robot can't have her because he isn't human.

I have felt like a droid before. . . and am so glad to be ont the other side with the love of my life.

singing at church - August 6, 2012

Article From Indie Times covering Saturday June 30th 2012 - August 6, 2012

Sunny Dragon Breathes Fire, Vitality into Local Music Festival
There is something incredibly powerful, invigorating, and even magical about the experience of a live musical performance.

Here’s what I mean; think about your favorite concert (if you’re like me, you may need to go back a few years to get in touch with your wilder, uninhibited side) and ask yourself what made it so special.

Was it guitar virtuosity? Perhaps it was cool lighting and stage effects? Could it have been the music style and genre of the artist(s)? Maybe it was a charismatic singer who knew how to work an audience?

All of these components, and more, were found at the Sunny Dragon Music Festival–held at Cattle Baron’s Cafe in Penryn, CA, Saturday, June 30, 2012.

Campfire Crooners getting ready to play. Photo:Michele Jennae
Sponsored primarily by Sunny Dragon Studios of Roseville, CA, the event featured eight live bands: The Magic Bullets, Brandon Neal, Christian DeWild, Taylor Chicks, Gorgeous George, Campfire Crooners, Reed Scott Band, and Stillwood Sages, each offering a unique style influenced by blues, rock, fusion, pop, country, and jazz.

Three of the bands, Brandon Neal, The Magic Bullets, and Gorgeous George, vied for sponsorship and free recording time in a professional studio. They were evaluated in four categories: attitude, stage presence, musicianship, and radio worthiness.

Gorgeous George, a modern pop-rock group with pleasing, male/female vocal harmonies, took 1st place, winning 15 hours of studio recording time. Brandon Neal, a soft rock trio with impressive, acoustic guitar and smooth male vocals, took 2nd place, winning 10 hours of studio recording time. The Magic Bullets, a hard-rocking, grunge-like band with mean electric guitar took 3rd place, winning sponsorship with Sunny Dragon Studios.

Members of the Internet radio station (a partner of Sunny Dragon Studios) provided video recording and Michele Jennae, DJ and host of The Michele Jennae Show, along with her good friend Myki Angeline from v103 Rock, served as MCs and performance contest judges for the event. They brought a positive and lively energy to the venue. Michele described her experience of the evening by saying, “There was a huge amount of talent there, and everyone had a great time. Sunny Dragon Studios knows how to bring it.”

Curtis Hildebrand, aka “Flyin Cowboy,” the owner of Sunny Dragon Studios, and a guitarist, vocalist, and song writer for Stillwood Sages (one of the participating bands at the festival) was the main visionary, architect, and financier behind the Sunny Dragon Music Festival. When he and I discussed some of his reasons for sponsoring the festival, Curtis explained that his primary goal is to “…expose the indie* artist and label…” and to help new, indie artists get invaluable stage time and experience to prepare them for the recording studio.

Stillwood Sages Jams / Photo:Michele Jennae
In another conversation with Curtis, he expressed how he sees collaboration with other studios as an important factor for the recording business and maintains partnerships with other recording studios such as Tanglewood Studios of Loomis, CA, owned by recording engineer, guitar virtuoso, teacher and mentor, John Morris. He emphasized the importance of studio collaboration by saying, “I also have a huge team of working partners in the music biz. We work together to make it happen.”

It’s written that music is the “Universal Language.” Try this; initiate a good conversation with a friend, teacher, or someone you met while traveling abroad. In the course of the conversation, ask them about their favorite song, concert, or their preferred musical genre. Play a related song on your iPod, Smartphone, or mp3 player, pass the headphones over, wait a few seconds, and watch for a big smile.

april - April 23, 2012

April is a great month for me. My sister, my niece, and I all share birthdays in April. The weather gets better in April. Earthday is in April. April is assigned the number 4, which is my lucky number. I can go on and on but I won't.

Yesterday was earthday. My new band Gorgeous George played at the Sacramento Earthday Festival. It was rad. I felt really happy after to singing for friends and bunch of new people that haven't heard our tunes.

That night there was an intimate show at the Naked Lounge. We weren't naked playing on stage but it was a great night of music. There was Cello, Accordian, guitars and three singer songwriters: Me, Josh Jerue, and Eric John Kaiser.

All in all I can't complain. Now I just look forward to my birtday bash at Old Ironsides Thursday April 26th, 2012. It is gonna be fun!!!!

Life is good.

SHOWS FOR APRIL - March 27, 2012

Hello Friends,
Thought I would give you a little update on upcoming shows. Most of the shows are are Gorgeous George shows (Gorgeous George is my new band), but I also have one solo performance. In the early stages of a band it is a good idea to try and get as many people to your first shows as possible so you get asked to come back. If you enjoy my solo music, I know you will LOVE the new Gorgeous George songs, so come on out if you can!

If you pick one show to go to. . .consider April 26th, my birthday. It will be fun because Jacob Bell from the bell from the Bell Boys is celebrating his birthday that same day. We will also have some cool guest musicians joining Gorgeous George for that show.

Here are the shows:

April 4th 2012
Marilyn's On K
908 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
Line Up: Darkline, Stoneberry, Gorgeous George
$5 cover

April 22nd 2012
Eartday Event in Sacramento info at Gorgeous George is playing at 12pm.

April 22nd 2012
Naked Lounge
1111 H Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 443-1927
Line Up: Eric John Kaiser, Joshua Jerue, and JD Valerio
$5 cover

April 26th 2012
Old Ironsides
1901 10th Street, Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 443-9751
Line Up: Sutter Junkies, Bell Boys, and Gorgeous George

dress rehersal for gorgeous george - March 1, 2012

here is a sample of us doing black widow at the pine cove in sac. so much fun!

NEW BAND!! and shows - February 17, 2012

Greatings Friends,

It has been a while since I've sent out an update. I've been working on my new CD a ton and I am also in a new band called Georgeous George. The band consists of me, a female singer, a drummer, a bass player and another guitar player. We want to add a female keyboard player but haven't found her yet. I am really excited with the sound of the band and we have 8 songs completed and I have to admit they kick butt. So if you want to hear the band come out to our first show ever on March 11th at the Blue Lamp in Sacramento. I also have two solo gigs (feb 22 and March 10th). For the details see below.

Here is a link to a song I did that won me some free studio time:
Anyway I hope all is well with you and that you are having a blessed 2012 so far.

JD Valeiro

WEDNESDAY FEB 22ND @ THE TORCH CLUB (Just me and my guitar)
I'll be doing a special 30 minute feature set for their open mic.
Address: Corner of 15th and I in Sacramento, CA

SATURDAY MARCH 10TH @ LUNA'S CAFE (Just me and my guitar)
9PM - 11PM - $6 COVER
Line Up:
Sutter Street Junkies
Ariel Jean
JD Valerio

916) 441-3931
1414 16th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

SUNDAY MARCH 11TH @ THE BLUE LAMP (w/ band, Georgeous George)
Jenn Rogar
Karen Sanders
Bobby Martinez and Brian Burke
The Taylor Chicks
Georgeous George
The Campfire Crooners

Sunday March 11th doors open at 2:30pm music starts at 3pm. Cover is $6 which covers dinner. Our band will go on around 6 or 7pm, but come to hear it all - it's gonna be fun!

1400 Alambra Blvd.
Sacramento, CA

Light It Up - December 8, 2011

On Tuesdays, when I am in Sacramento I like to go to the Stoney Inn on Del Paso Blvd. I've been going there a couple of months now. In the back they have what is called the "Bluebird Lounge" and they have a killer sound system. Every Tuesday is their singer/songwriter competition. Music industry advice is provided, critique of song material is given, and each week somebody wins FREE STUDIO TIME. The people that run the bar are great and the folks that go there are down to earth. Sometimes after the singer/songwriter competion I sing Karaoke or do some line dancing. I may not be the most country boy that walked the farm, but I can shake my boots and love to do it!

Here is a song called Light it Up, performed at the Bluebird Lounge. This song is going on my new album which is scheduled to come out the first quarter of 2012.

BACK IN SAC! - December 5, 2011

Hi friends,
My endeavors in Minneapolis went quite well. The “bus ticket last minute show” proved to be effective and I have nothing but gratitude for those who helped me get home to California. A few people that I would like to give shouts out to for rides etc. include: Paul M., Travis C., Dan K., Nate R., Becky T., Toby, Sterling D., Josh M., Dan P., and Anne C. and also thanks to those of you who made it out to some of my underground performances.
Now I am back at the day job while I complete my upcoming CD. Song candidates for the new album include: Fire, Droid, Life is An Artform, Passion, Pirates, Light it Up, Deep End, Black Widow, Roar, Be the Change, Collective Sorrow Can Wait for Tomorrow, Inside the Artist, You Be I’ll Be, One More Night, and I am considering remake versions of Draw Me (2001) and Movie Maker (2001).
In addition to this project I am working on an instrumental record, forming a new band, and scheduling my next tour! So much to do, and so much time to do it in ;0. Last month I won a contest at the Bluebird Lounge in Sacramento and have 6 hours of free studio time with Pinnacle College. I am super excited to be working with college students again and look forward to the creativity that they will bring to the table.
I will be hanging out in Sacramento until the end of the year (minus a few weekend gigs in the surrounding areas).
If you want to give me feedback on which of the songs I should include on the new CD, please stop by and leave a message in the “guestbook” section. You can hear live versions of most of the songs above by Googling “JD Valerio (SONG TITLE) Video).
Have a great Holiday Season!

bus ticket part 2 - November 29, 2011

Hi again,

I found an open mic that will put me on stage sometime between 8pm and 9pm tonight (Nov. 29th). The place is a coffee house called THE DEPOT I haven't been there in years but it is a great place. Music starts at 8pm and it is FREE TO GET in. There will be a bunch of local artists from Minneapolis playing at well. If you have never been to an open mic and you are planning on coming tonight you are in for a treat. Here are the details:

9541 Excelsior Blvd.
Hopkins, MN
phone: 952-938-2204
you can also get directions at this page:
Have a great night!

bus ticket show in minneapolis - November 29, 2011

yo yo. tonight 11/29/2011 i will be playing a show in minneapolis to make a little extra money for a bus ticket and meals tomorrow. i will be taking a Jefferson bus back to reno to get my car. so if you have some time tonight come check it out. i will post the times at my website and at my music page on facebook. if you want me to text you the start time and location just send me a text to 916-xxx-xxxx. have a great day

I Won A Blue Ribbon - October 26, 2011

One of the CEO's I enjoyed working for once said, "90% of success is showing up". Last night I saw that happen. I stumbled upon an open mic at the Bluebird Lounge ( which is a lounge located in the back of a bar called the Stoney Inn (". It turns out that there is a weekly songwriting competition there. I was there to test drive a song I wrote the same day called "Be The Change", so I played that first. Then I played another one of my songs, "Light It Up.". Players only get two songs to ensure that everyone who signs up gets a chance to play. Anyway, I won the competition! As part of my winnings I get 2 hours of free studio recording time which I will be using towards my new album (hopefully released by Jan or Feb of 2011. Life is good. .. even when it feels horrible.

I am also getting free video of the performance which I can use for promotion etc. I feel like I am 4 years old again. I can't wait to share the new song with you. . .but I will just have to wait.

Thank you for reading my journal, hope to see you soon at a venue near you.

Peace and all that good stuff,

higher ground - October 3, 2011


Halloween with guest Earl Brooks - November 11, 2010

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