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JD Valerio: Calendar

Mar 17, 2010 Marriott - Residence Inn Sacramento CA USA

Yesterday was the best St. Patty’s I’ve had. Makes me want to add an “O” to my name – JD O’Valerio! From 1-3pm I played at the Residence INN in Sacramento. I was curious how the whole folk-rock set would resonate with the St. Patty’s crowd, but it worked! I busted out some U2, John Denver, George Michael, Guns N Roses, Morrissey, Smashing Pumpkins, and Cold Play which was a refreshing break from my normal routine. I have no intentions of becoming a cover artist, but it was fun to shake it up. I’ve been on a permanent high from 1pm yesterday until right now, much of that due to being able to sing my guts out for a fun crowd.
After my set, I listened to a set from the band Thaw Jack Frost and those guys knocked it out of the park! Chris Twomey and Dan Rau had great harmonies and sang with soul. They sax player, Adam, added perfect flavor to the whole thing. And Lucas – well just keep on hitting those drums man, never stop (he did a solo later that night at O’Malley’s which was a blast of life). After that, it was on to the Torch Club for the St. Patty’s open mic and I honestly believe it was the highest quality open mic that I’ve attended since moving to Sac in December. So much fun to share the stage with Ukulele Rob, Dusty, Andrew, Doug Cash, Brother Dan, Sandra Dalores, Justin Davis, Les Haber and John Malcom. Every musician brought their “A Game” last night and it was magic. After that I had an impromptu jam session with Justin Davis and Sandra Dalores at my place after stopping for sushi.
The night finished off with another round of Thaw Jack Frost at O’Malley’s in Old Sac – and I got my boogie on with friends (some who told me not to let anyone know that they can shake it. . .heh heh.)
Anyway, here is a short list of the ingredients of an inspiring and fun day – like yesterday:
Beautiful people, smiling people, great music, a splash of serious, a dash of silly, and beer. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Mar 6, 2010 Luna's Cafe Sacramento CA USA
Mar 3, 2010 Old Ironsides Sacramento CA USA
Feb 26, 2010 The Coffee Garden Sacramento CA USA
Feb 19, 2010 Naked Coffee Sacramento CA USA
Feb 12, 2010 Luna's Cafe Sacramenot CA USA

What a fun show. Luna's is an intimate venue and the sound there is great, the people were the kind you want to surround yourself with. I opend for Devin Farren who was backed up by Sam McCleod on banjo and Devin's brother Justin Farren on Upright Bass. I enjoyed the tunes. It was good to see friends and I had fun singing my guts out. ahh.

Jan 23, 2010 Butch n' Nellies Sacramento CA USA
2010 The Rox Box Live @ Coyle's Cafe Philadelphia PA
Dec 4, 2009 Corner Coffee Minneapolis MN
Nov 4, 2009 Blue Nile Minneapolis MN
Oct 30, 2009 2nd Street Coffee in Hastings, MN Hastings MN
Oct 17, 2009 The Beat Coffee House Minneapolis MN
Jul 17, 2009 2nd Street Coffee House Hastins MN
Jun 24, 2009 The Coffee Grounds Saint Paul mn
Jun 16, 2009 Dunn Brothers on Grand in St. Paul St. Paul MN USA
May 3, 2009 Dunn Brothers on Grand in St. Paul St. Paul MN USA

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